Note: Tuition for individual sessions is due at the end of each session.  If Omega Dog Training deems it necessary to terminate training for any reason, as opposed to delaying training, any refund due the owner will be on a pro-rated basis.  When working with animals, no specific performance or behavior can be guaranteed in all situations.  Results are dependent upon owner's participation during and after training sessions.  Omega Dog Training reserves the right to refuse to begin training, or to suspend or terminate currently active training, if we feel this would be in the best interest of the dog for any reason.  

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For The Reactive Dog:  ​Does your dog go crazy when encountering another dog or someone unfamiliar?  Is she reactive to sudden changes in her environment?  Is she fearful/anxious in new situations?  A controlled process of desensitization and counter-conditioning can help your dog to make different choices and remain calm and attentive when faced with a variety of triggers.  Training is conducted in-home, as well as at local parks and other locations as needed.  Sessions may include assistance from one or more of my dogs.  Note: this type of therapy requires a higher rate of frequency in sessions and a significant commitment on the part of the dog's owner to do the work needed between sessions.

Tuition: Dependent upon location.  Please call for a quote.  480-203-3931

Omega Dog Training

In-home training and behavior solutions

training programs and pricing:

Harley: My loyal companion, willing training partner, and comfort in life's turbulent moments.  May she rest in peace.

​​​Behavior Solutions: Excessive barking, chewing, peeing/pooping in the house, digging, jumping, mouthing, leash-pulling, dashing out the door, demand-barking, lack of attention, disappearing shoes and TV controllers, etc.  Many behavior problems actually result from a clash between natural human behavior and natural canine behavior.   Once you learn to speak "dogish" you can replace conflict with cooperation!

Tuition: Dependent upon location.  Please call for quote.  480-203-3931


​​Basic Training: These lessons are focused on teaching the core behaviors that every dog should learn.  Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Off, Heel, Place, Leave-it, and Touch. Training is conducted in-home so that your dog is operating in a familiar and comfortable environment and distractions can be minimized.  

Tuition: Dependent upon location.  Please call for quote.  480-203-3931


Working With Distractions: A more advanced level of training, these sessions are designed to teach your dog how to cope with a variety of distractions while staying focused and following your instructions.  Training takes place in local parks, outdoor malls, retail locations, etc. weather and circumstances permitting.  Your dog must pass an assessment for basic training and reliable responses in a low distraction environment​ before being enrolled in this training.

​Tuition: Dependent upon location.  Please call for quote.  480-203-3931