Yes...there's homework

By practicing each day as coached by your trainer, you and your dog will be ready for your next session.  (P.S. If you don't do your homework, your dog will tell us.) It's fun!  Practicing becomes a game you play with your dog.

Training begins

Through demonstration, practice, and coaching you will learn to communicate with your dog on his/her terms, while gaining insight into what motivates specific behaviors.  With this knowledge, and the skills we will help you to develop, you can lead your dog to the behavior you want. 

I love dogs!  As a kid, I was often "followed" home by stray dogs, sometimes at the end of an improvised leash.  My curiosity about animals, especially the wonderful relationship between humans and dogs, lead me to studies in behavioral science, canine behavior, and the science behind the process of learning.  Eventually, I created Omega Dog Training in Tempe to offer an affordable, effective, and convenient option for people who need help with their dogs.  As your personal canine coach, I can help you understand the emotional, environmental, and physical reasons behind your dog's behavior and show you how to use this knowledge to get the behavior you want.

Dennis Miner is certified as a professional dog trainer by the National K-9 Learning Center, which is accredited by the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools.  Member: Association of Professional Dog Trainers.

Because great dogs are trained, not born.  


At Omega Dog Training in Tempe we are passionate about the unique bond between humans and dogs. Our mission is to deliver the best training possible by partnering with you to develop and deliver solutions designed specifically for your dog and the behavior that you want. Whether it's good manners training or resolving problem behavior, we can help.  Be patient, be consistent, and make it fun!

Please see our reviews on Yelp and Google.  We are proud of the service we provide and grateful for our client's feedback.

meet your trainer

the consultation

Omega Dog Training in Tempe specializes in personalized in-home dog training and behavior modification. During our consultation we will assess your dog's behavior problem/s and create a one-on-one dog training program specific to your needs. 

One-on-one Dog Training

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In-home training and behavior solutions