Did you know that your dog learns much the same way that you do?  How well would you learn a new skill or language in an unfamiliar, highly distracting environment with little attention from the instructor?  This is why we specialize in dog training at home.  Both you and your dog receive one-on-one attention from your trainer in a familiar location, where distractions can be controlled.  As your dog becomes more reliable, we work to generalize the behaviors outside the home.

Did you know that many dog behavior problems are caused by the human at the other end of the leash?  How we interact with our dog can have a tremendous effect on the dog's behavior.  At Omega Dog Training in Tempe, we will help you understand how natural human behavior can interfere when communicating with your dog, and offer solutions that use your dog's natural instincts to resolve problem behaviors.  It is all about proper communication.  We speak dog!

Did you know that training will help a shy/timid dog to live more confidently?  Nothing builds confidence like success and a positive learning experience!  If you are struggling with a dog who has an excitable personality, training will help him to calm down by teaching him self-control.  A dog who has not learned to be patient, or how to control his impulses, can be a real challenge to live with.   Sharing our life with a dog is not a passive spectator sport.  It requires active engagement to ensure a happy, healthy, and stable canine companion.  What our dog gives us in return is worth so much more than the effort required on our part.  GREAT DOGS ARE TRAINED, NOT BORN!

Did you know that dominance and aggression have nothing to do with training?  Too many dog owners have been told that they must be "dominant" over their dog to get the dog to behave, and that physically aggressive behavior is required to establish this "dominance".  FALSE!  This is old school thinking and is not supported by current behavioral science or learning theory.  An effective leader is calm/assertive, not dominant/aggressive!  You may have a strong bond with your dog, but does he clearly respect you as a parental-leader?  His behavior, in a variety of situations, will answer this question.  We will help you translate what he is telling you, and show you how to easily become the calm, assertive, parental-leader your dog instinctively needs and respects.

Did you know that behavior therapy is often required in conjunction with behavior training?  Behavior therapy addresses problems related to the dog's emotional state which controls involuntary reflex responses.  Most common are fear/anxiety driven responses.  Once you change how the dog feels in the presence of a triggering stimulus, the dog's response will change.  Fearful anxiety becomes happy anticipation.  Behavior training on the other hand teaches the dog to give a specific voluntary response to a specific stimulus.  Both approaches are often utilized when addressing specific behavior issues.

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