Suggested reading:

Dog Sense, John Bradshaw

Culture Clash, Jean Donaldson

How Dog's Learn, M.Burch, Ph.D & J.Bailey, Ph.D

The Other End Of The Leash, Patricia McConnell, Ph.D.


Can you help your dog in an emergency? The Arizona Animal Welfare League/SPCA offers a class in first-aid and CPR for your dog.  You can reach them at 602-273-6852 for class dates and times.

There is no creature more grateful, loving, and loyal than a rescued shelter dog.  Too many dogs are given up, and ultimately killed, because someone failed to understand that sharing a home with a dog requires an investment in time and effort. Dogs behave like dogs.  It is the human's responsibility to teach the dog how to adapt socially to life with a family.  Great dogs are trained, not born.  ​Visit your local shelter, hire a trainer, and save a life today.  

Why adopt?

Have more than one dog?

Like humans, each dog is unique.  We will show you how to adapt different techniques to suit different personality types, temperament, and drive for quick, life-long results.

Problems with behavior?

We will help you understand what is motivating your dog's unwanted behavior, and teach you how to get the behavior you want from your dog.

Phone Consulting

Did your dog just do something strange?  Need some help between sessions?  Your trainer is just a phone call or text message away.

Omega Dog Training specializes in dog training classes at home. We partner with you to provide dog training and behavior modification classes in your home designed to suit your dog's unique personality.  We teach positive reinforcement techniques that use your dog's natural drive and instincts to make training fun for both you and your dog.  Dog training at home helps your dog to feel comfortable and better able to concentrate on the training, without the stress of a new place or situation, and you receive one-on-one attention from a certified dog trainer. Call Omega Dog Training in Tempe and set  up your appointment today!

Because Great Dogs Are Trainined, Not Born.

Dog Training At Home

We Recommend:

Caring Hearts Animal Clinic: 480-545-8921

East Valley New Life Rescue


Shelby's House of Rescue 480-560-5260

Lost Our Home Pet Rescue 602-445-7387

AKC Reunite (micro-chip tracking/alert)

Omega Dog Training

In-home training and behavior solutions

Choosing the right dog for your lifestyle is a critical step toward harmony with your dog.  Each breed has unique characteristics and each dog has a unique personality and drive.  Discussing your needs and expectations with a professional trainer can help you make the best choice, and avoid potential problems in the future.  Give us a call. We are happy to help.

Bringing a new dog home

How is Spot feeling today?

Medical problems can interfere with your dog's willingness and ability to work.  If you have concerns, please consult your vet.  We want training to be fun and non-stressing!